Passing of Time

For my wife, holding your hand, in a time of loss

Eyes filled with emotion, when word comes of time.
Sounds of sorrow, passing quickly.
Fragility of ticks, burning the thread.
Time is still, feeling an unknown reality.

Words do not fit.
Consolation is failed.
Silent strength, a cure not prescribed.
Presence assuring, and is all that needs.

By your side, as word comes anew.
Space and closeness, desire to heal.
Holding tightly, remembrance is key.
Time stopped, struggle has ceased.

Lighting a candle.
Remembering fondly, serine and kind.
Heart broken, healthy and full.
A time ended, has just begun.

As a former Federal Agent, Gang Expert, Restaurant Owner, and Father, I have stories to share. Enjoy my journey. Contact me on Facebook, I like to chat.

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