Pancakes For Me

Morning surprise for my little man.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Morning little man
You look fresh and clean
The day’s brightness
Flowing with sights yet seen

Pancakes I want
My tummy needs
Hungry for the day
Can you stop and feed

Moments my little man
Finishing my read
Why are you so hungry
Growing more than seed

I am waiting with a smile
I hear your sound
Pancakes for me
So fluffy and round

Apple and cinnamon
Tell me what you think
Take a taste
Would you like a drink

Can I have one more
My pancake romance
Toes so happy
Doing the yummy dance

As a former Federal Agent, Gang Expert, Restaurant Owner, and Father, I have stories to share. Enjoy my journey. Contact me on Facebook, I like to chat.

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