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As a former Federal Agent, Gang Expert, Restaurant Owner, and Father, I have stories to share. Enjoy my journey. Contact me on Facebook, I like to chat.

We took his son to jail for committing murder; it was heartbreaking talking with him as we did.

Photo by Alfaz Sayed on Unsplash

As I stood next to him, listening to him slowly speak, I saw a single tear fall from his eye.

Arresting his son

Looking for a violent gang member who was wanted for a violent murder, we hit a Lodi, California house. Entering the place, we first encountered the family innocently living their daily life. Mom was in the kitchen, making tamales, dad and younger siblings in the living room watching television. Grandma was out back, tending the stove to steam the tamales.

As we entered the house in full raid gear, handguns, and rifles out, yelling as we entered for everyone to…

October 25, 2013: The day I was shot

Police responding to the shooting. Photo from the LA Times.

Have you ever had a moment where time seems to stand still? The first and only time I experienced that sensation was on October 25, 2013, the day I was shot while chasing a violent gang member: A moment in time that defined my life.

Beginning my day, like any other day

When I woke up on Friday, October 25, 2013, it was like any other day. It was my third day back working on street gangs. …

How a death threat changed my life

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

It was a wonderful spring day when I received the call from Special Agent Wesley. I answered the phone, thinking he had a simple question, but what he told me was shocking and scary.

“Robert, they thought I was you. They said they were going to kill me.”

Wesley was doing interviews in the Napa County Jail when a gang member mistook him for me and said they were going to kill him. Having a gang member saying this was unnerving for Wesley. He was a new Agent and had been working with me for about two weeks. …

Don’t wait to replace those old undies. You never know when they will embarrass you, your mom, or your ancestors.

Photo by Esteban Bernal on Unsplash

Remember the days of your youth, playing for hours on end outside with your friends, cartoons every morning, pop-tarts and popsicles? And your mom, offering you essential advice to help you grow and become a semi-functional adult.

Mom would always say things like, make your bed, brush your teeth, eat your veggies, don’t throw the cat in the fireplace. And the most important thing mom ever tells you, make sure you have on clean underwear in good condition.

Each mom would say it differently or focus on different essential life skills vital to her. Back then, it was just an…

The childhood joy of conquering a snow-covered hill

At Four Years Old, I Was a Space-Time Snow Traveler
Photo taken by the author’s wife. The author reserves the rights to this image

The day started normal, like any other day, with cartoons and a fresh bowl of cereal. As I snuggled in next to Dad to watch, the house was quiet since we were the only ones awake.

I heard some stirring from the other side of the house and wondered if it was mom, and was happy to see it was.

As she sat down next to us with her coffee, I heard Dad utter the words I have been waiting to hear all my life.

‘Let’s go and play in the snow today’

My heart leaped from my chest. I…

Martin Luther King had a dream, one we need to honor with fulfillment

Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

I pray that now is the time to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream, a dream so pure and simple that can be easily realized, but so tricky we may never achieve it.

For the last twelve years, our nation has become more divided and pitted against each other, moving beyond the racial divide, we have been split into red and blue. We have taken a step backward, from openness and understand of others’ beliefs to one where people are ostracized for having a different opinion or belief.

The time is now, as a people, as a nation, that we come…

Interviews, Deportations and Forming the Hardness of Heart

After graduating from the academy and spending a little time with my family, I reported back to the office in San Francisco. I was excited, having recently officially become an Immigration Agent. I knew I was going to be looking for people that were foreign born and incarcerated in the prison system, just did not know which prison I would be assigned to.

When I reported for duty on April 1st, 1997, it did not dawn on me what day it was. Looking back now, it seems almost as if it set the precedent for my entire time within the…

R. Scott

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